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Personal Coaches/trainers

Clients of all ages are welcomed. Training is available for pre- and post-natal clients. Areas of specialty include Pilates, yoga, dance, tabata protocol, gymnastics and boxing. Free consultations and fitness assessments are available for new clients. Information on rates and available packages is available at Breakout by Bre's website. FitGolf Performance Center 60 Concord St, Wilmington, MA 01887 FitGolf Performance Center is a training center promoting golf fitness and performance for adults and junior golfers More from its new location in the Wilmington area. Max Workout The Wilmington FitGolf Center is operated by David DuPriest, and emphasizes a comprehensive and personalized approach to workouts maximizing each person's overall physical fitness with respect to golf. Services offered at FitGolf include performance evaluations, golf fitness research, weight shift assessments and 3D K-Vest motion analysis.
Source: http://wilmington.patch.com/directory/personal-coaches-trainers

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